Valentines Day Celebrations for Kids

Valentine's day isn’t just for adults, it is a day your children can appreciate and a day that they can get involved with too, but with your help. Whether you celebrate Valentine's day by spending it with your children or you help them choose a gift that they give to a best friend at school, there’s always a way that you can get your little ones involved and feel special as well. Below are several ways you can celebrate valentine’s day with your children:


How to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids

Valentine's day doesn’t have to be expensive with your children. There are so many little things that you can do with them to make it a special day. Why not buy their favorite breakfast and surprise them with it in the morning? It could be as simple as their favorite cereal or you go for some pancakes as a treat. You could have a special dinner that you enjoy together or get a takeaway in the evening and let them stay up later.

Valentine's Day gifts for your kids

Part of valentine's day is receiving a special gift from the person you love. This should be no different for your children. Why not buy them a few little gifts that you know they will love:


Why not purchase your children a small bouquet of flowers, just like you may receive as an adult? Pick some pretty colors that you know they will love and encourage them to look after the flowers for the days that follow.

Teddy Bear

It goes without saying, most children would love a teddy bear, Valentine's day is no exception. If you know they have been talking about a certain teddy bear that they have wanted forever, then why not use this as an excuse to get them one. You could always get a bear that replicates their favorite kids tv program or console game.


What children do you know that don't like chocolate? Most kids love to be gifted with them, so why not buy them some for Valentine's day. Pick them a selection of their favorite chocolates and surprise them in the morning. They can enjoy them throughout the day and the following days if you buy them some large packs.

A New Book

Not only can books be educational but they can be a great way to spend some quality time with your children when reading them out loud. If you know you are starting to run out of books for story time, then why not update the list and purchase a new one for them to enjoy.

Valentine's gifts for classmates

As well as treating your children to something special for valentine's day, it may be that they want to treat one of their good friends at school to a gift. It’s nice to promote this as it encourages sharing and generosity. As well as a few things from the above, below are a couple of other options that they could give a classmate:

Bake Some Cakes

You could spend the day baking some cakes together and then let your child give one or two to a friend at school. As long as you check with their parents, we are sure they will both love this idea.


Sweets don’t have to be expensive and most children will love receiving them as a gift from a friend. You can always pop up to the shop and wrap them up in some wrapping paper to make it a little more special. You could also look at a selection box of sweets if they have multiple friends that they want to give a present to.


If your children have been spending a lot of time with a particular classmate then chances are, they have had plenty of photos together. This might make a perfect opportunity to get a little photo album printed off with their photos together as a little gift. It’s a nice way for them to remember the different things they have experienced together.

Valentine's day is a special day for everyone, it’s not about how much you spend but the time you spend together. So have fun with your children and make it a special day that they feel excited about when the 14th comes around again.

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