Unique Photoshoot Ideas to Try this Spring

If springtime is your favorite time of the year, one of the best ways to celebrate the end of winter is to get the whole family together for a spring photoshoot. After all, what better way to say goodbye to the dull winter months (especially in that period after Christmas and New Year’s festivities), than to welcome the new life that comes with spring.


Photoshoots are a great way to embrace the upcoming spring the right way, and you may be interested to know that there is a range of unique photoshoot ideas that you can consider.

Flowers and flower bouquets

As the spring flowers bloom, a unique photoshoot idea is using flowers and flower bouquets in your scenes. You can do this anywhere you’d like, as all you need is a camera and the best spring flower arrangements that you can find. Your family can hold the flowers, put them in their hair, or use them as the background.

Don’t be afraid of a little rain

While the weather improves during spring, you’re not entirely out of the woods yet. Therefore, it’s natural to expect a few April showers. Don’t run and hide from this rain, and if you can catch it just right, you could capture unique and stunning photographs. The low sun and leftover moisture will bring out rainbows, and you can match this vibrancy with a colorful raincoat and umbrella.

Be one with nature

Spring and nature will be eternally entwined. In the forests, flowers and plants will burst into color, greenery will return, and the ground should be dry enough that you can take a seat in the middle of the woods. Find the perfect photoshoot spot that’s surrounded by lush green and hints of yellows, reds, purples, whites, and oranges as you and your family make yourselves one with the natural world.

Best spring flowers to photograph

No photoshoot would be complete without beautiful spring flowers to photograph. Fresh flowers can vastly improve a photoshoot, whether you use them as decoration or as the centerpiece that draws the attention. When planning your spring photoshoot, you must ensure you choose the right flowers. The best spring flowers include:


  • Daffodils — These classic flowers will easily brighten up any photoshoot, and they have come to be synonymous with springtime.
  • Rhododendrons — The vivid colors and large size of rhododendrons make them a popular flower for photoshoots, and they easily stand out in the background.
  • Tulips — In some cultures, tulips represent vast wealth and prosperity. This matches the positive feelings many people experience during springtime, which makes them exceptional accessories for photoshoots.
  • Hellebores — These are some of the most interesting spring flowers, but the best bits are hidden because of the drooping style. Still, this gives you the chance to get creative and try different camera angles.

    How can I use flowers in a photoshoot?

    One of the main benefits of flowers is that they are exceptionally versatile, so here are some ways you can use flowers in your photoshoot.

  • Flower crowns — Flower crowns are a classic way to use flowers in a photoshoot, and their perfect for all members of the family. You can use daisies to wrap around your head or think about how other flowers could work the same way.
  • As a border — Using spring floral designs as a border for your photoshoot will help center the photograph and make whatever is in the middle the primary focus. This approach is ideal for large landscape photographs.
  • Youngest to oldest — You can use a flower at each stage of its lifespan, from bulb to fully bloomed, and assign these to each generation. The youngest will hold the bulbs, while grandparents (or even great grandparents) can hold the fully grown flower.

    A snapshot of spring

    Springtime is always something to celebrate. All around, people feel happier, they get excited for the rest of the year, and they start thinking about how they can make the most of the next few months. A springtime photoshoot is one of the best ways to immortalize these feelings, so you can look back on it with happy memories.

    If you’re looking for further advice on the best spring flowers to photograph, reach out to us at 1-800-Flowers Palmer Florist, who serves the local Westchester, IL community.

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