To All the Men: Top 10 Reasons to Buy Her Flowers on Valentine's Day

  1. Flowers are visual candy and a daily reminder of you. As a visual male, you have to admit that flowers are beautiful; everyone likes to look at beautiful things.  For an entire week, every time she looks at those flowers, she'll think of you!
  2. Flowers smell great!  Smell is the most powerful sense we have.  Not only that, smell is intimately connected to our memory and thereby our emotions.  She's going to see and walk past those flowers, and associate good feelings towards you with that scent!
  3. Flowers make you sexier.  Yes:  Flowers make you sexier.  In a recent study,  men were shown paired with flowers, and the flowers made them significantly more attractive.
  4. Flowers speak a secret language.  In Victorian times, flowers were used as a secret code to show how a man felt about a woman.  One friend received flowers with a card explaining how the flowers related to how he felt about her.  Worked like a charm!
  5. Even an inexpensive bouquet of flowers earns you points.  Do you know anyone who doesn't appreciate flowers, large or small? 
  6. Go ahead!  Tell her how you feel!  Use flowers as the opportunity to tell her exactly how you feel. Even a quick, yet thoughtful sentence or two will have her smiling.
  7. Flowers are mood-enhancing powerhouses! Multiple studies have shown that flowers boost people's moods, relieve anxiety, and boost production at work.  Try it!
  8. Giving flowers makes you look good.  In addition to appearing sexier, flowers make you look good in other ways.  A study at Rutger University found that men who gave flowers are perceived as happy, achieving, strong, capable, and courageous.  How's that for advertising?!
  9. Flowers: the numbers are in your favor.  Here you go:  92% of women remember the last time they received flowers; 88% said a gift of flowers enhances their mood; 83% said they they like to receive flowers unexpectedly; 86% said receiving flowers makes them feel special; and 99% said that a person who give flowers is thoughtful.  What more can we say?!
  10. Women love flowers!  In yet another study, virtually 100% of women who were presented with flowers as a gift smile a true, heartfelt (or "Duchenne") smile.  Unless she's allergic, women love flowers.

Here are a few Flower Buying tips:

  • Give for a special reason or event, or give for no reason; 'just because.'
  • Find out her favorite flower - just ask her!  She'll love it.
  • Not sure what to give?  Stay simple, basic: red roses.
  • Write a short note, then sign your name.
  • Think local, think community: Palmer Florist!
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