National Lipstick Day


During the chaos of life, some people always manage to look their best. They are dressed to impress. Their makeup is done, and they are ready to take on the world. Never underestimate the power of a good lipstick. That's right! Lipstick's power has gained its own day.

National Lipstick Day is a thing. It takes place on July 29, but lipstick is loved year-round. Those lips kissed with ruby red can take on the day. National Lipstick Day that is. Let our professionals at Palmer Florist help you celebrate National Lipstick Day in a fun way!

We all know that one person who won't get caught dead without their lipstick on. It may be grandma, mom or maybe even you! National Lipstick Day is a day to embrace your obsession of lip color. Although you or someone you know may love lipstick, they may not know about the day designated to it.

We offer flower delivery in Westchester, so you can brighten the lives of others with a little color. Have flower delivered in Westchester as a reminder of National Lipstick Day. Flower delivery in Westchester is a beautiful display of color, encouragement and beauty.

Remind the recipient that they can take on anything with flower delivery in Westchester. The world is full of color just like their makeup vanity. Embrace it and take it on one day at a time.

Let us help you encourage others this National Lipstick Day with flower delivery in Westchester. Flower delivery in Westchester allows you to encourage others everyday not just the blush pink or cherry red ones.

It's no LIPstake that National Lipstick Day is a day to embrace all things beautiful and colorful. Flower delivery in Westchester helps you do that with flowers of all colors.

One thing is for sure, flowers are a compliment to a home just like lipstick is a compliment to your makeup routine. 

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